Our Family

Mitch and I are an Eharmony success story (no, we did not do a commercial). We "met" online in November of 2009 and had our first date at Applebees on January 1, 2010. We traveled a lot in our first year, going to Cancun together after dating only 2 months and then to NYC in May. 

We fell hard for one another and we decided to move in together in August of 2010. We went ring shopping shortly thereafter, but Mitch would make me wait 5 more months before popping the question.

We added Ollie to our family in August of that year as well, make our lives busier and much more interesting. He is soooo little in this picture!!

We got engaged in February of 2011 and married on October 15, 2011.

We knew we both wanted a family so it wasn't soon after we were married that Kate entered our lives.

She has been such a blessing to us (and drives us a little nuts too!)

Shortly after her 1st birthday, we starting talking about giving her a sibling. Later that fall we would be pregnant with Evelyn.

Evelyn joined out family in June of 2015 and our family was complete.

Seeing the sisterly bond between the two of them has been so fun to watch. Although I know the fights will start soon enough, my heart just melts seeing the two of them together.

Now that we start our new journey, family has become important than ever. It's these people that inspire me. love me. support me. This is the reason I will fear nothing and risk everything.

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