Birthday cake

So, tomorrow is Mitch's birthday and although we don't usually make a big deal about birthdays around here, we at least use it as an excuse to eat some cake. Mitch's favorite cake is spice cake, so this morning, Kate and I set off to the store to get everything we would need to make a cake.

Normally I would be all Betty Crocker and make it from scratch, but I simply didn't have the energy for that today so Duncan Hines had to pinch hit (who can turn down pudding in the mix?). We were all pretty down with the news we received yesterday so I woke up this morning with a new attitude that we were going to have a good family fun day. I wanted to have some special 1:1 time with Kate, so off we headed to the store with her shopping cart in tow. I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story...

Please note, exhibit A: 3 year old wearing Anna dress with unbrushed hair to the local grocery store. If this doesn't scream independent pre-schooler, I don't know what will.

Into IGA we go, she is a very focused shopper.

First stop, butter for cream cheese frosting. She said Elsa was crying and didn't want to be in the cart. 

Her baby has settled down and now its time for cake mix, the real star of the show.

Good thing the sugar is toward the bottom of the display!

We couldn't leave without the macaroni! Her words, not mine...

Time to check out! She unloaded the entire cart herself.

Loading into the van and time to head home. Our shopping trip is complete!

In all seriousness, this morning lifted my spirits so high and spending this quality time with my girl made me so happy. Not to mention, she is awful darn cute! Now its time to make some cake!


  1. Love love love this adventure!!!!

  2. Her hair is still kinda done 😁

  3. A great day. A definite high😀

  4. This blog is a definite high for me today, as well. What an adorably sweet little mommy, shopper, and baker little Kate is. Thank you for sharing, Lindsay, and creating a personal high for many of us. You are a great blogger. Here's hoping you all have another good day tomorrow as you celebrate Mitch's birthday.