R is for...

Today's post is brought to you by the letter R for random, as I'm just going to put down whatever comes to mind. I hope you enjoy, or at the very least, make it to the end of this post.

R is for Restlessness
One unique problem I have had this last week is physically, I am exhausted. Like I don't want to pick up my arm kind of tired. Unfortunately, my brain did not RSVP to this party and much like a certain 3 year old we know, she does NOT want to go to bed. No amount of coaxing, essential oils, white noise or dim lights will persuade her to go down for the night. So I am finding myself in this perpetual awake but exhausted state. Ambien has been helping at bedtime, but I still wake feeling less than rested.

So today, while I should be napping and my muscles are screaming "go to sleep", I am laying on the couch watching Little Rascals and writing this blog post because my brain says "let's party!!". All in favor of relaxing on the couch say "Yoi Yoi Yoi Yoi Yoi!!!"

I mean seriously, this movie is the BEST.
R is for Really good labs
So I had my "toxicity check" with my nurse practitioner at the cancer center today and the good news is, my side effects have been minimal and manageable (KEEP IT UP PRAYER WARRIORS, it's working!!!!). My WBCs were 6.4, Hgb was 12.2 and platelets were above 150,000, which is great news. If my wbcs are less than 1 or platelets are below 100,000 it will delay my treatment, so we are on target to stay on time for cycle 2 next week. Yay, more poison!

R is for Re-entry (I know, its a stretch, just go with it)
During my above mentioned lab draw, the phlebotomist accessed my port again to get my blood and holy stabby mcstabberton, that sucked. R also needs to be for Remind me to use EMLA next time, youch! 

R is for 'Roe
I know many of you have already jumped on the LulaRoe bandwagon but I have been blissfully ignorant until this weekend. I reached out to my coworkers (whom I KNOW are on the bandwagon, they are driving the silly thing!) to learn a bit more about them as I hear they make very comfy clothes and cancer = an excuse to be comfy. Well, within a day of my posting, a new pair of leggings showed up on my doorstep (Rachel, you are wonderful, thank you again!) and wowza, these things have to be made from unicorn hair or fairy wings or something because clearly they are not of this world. 

Needless to say, I predict some new leggings in my future...

Kate feeling my leggings, that's right, the are so soft you just want to touch them!

R is for Rachel
Rachel is the name of my wig. I did not give her this name, the wig makers did, but I do think its rather fitting and it goes along with our theme today so....

I had an appt yesterday to try on my new wig and left a little disappointed only because I look like I am wearing a hair helmet. They washed it and styled it for me and I picked up the final product today. It looks a little better today but will still take some getting used to. The price tag was also about double what I thought I would be spending, so that was pretty disheartening as well (like I previously mentioned, insurance doesn't cover wigs). I have an appointment with the American Cancer Society in two weeks to check out their "free wig bank" so that might give me a second option. But don't tell Rachel, I don't want her feelings to be hurt ;) Also, the picture below is no-makeup, no filter so ignore the bags under my eyes!

Me + Rachel

R is for Relief 
Finances are always a concern whenever a diagnosis of cancer is involved. Initially I was told if I have intermittent FMLA during my treatments, I would have to take my time off unpaid as I would not qualify for short term disability. Well, good news internet friends, we found a loophole and it looks like I will be able to work and get short term disability for my days off during treatments!!! This is such a relief to know that I will still be contributing financially to our family and that we don't have to sell all of our things to afford daycare.

R is for Rations
Lastly, so many of you have asked how you can help our family or have volunteered to bring us a meal. I have created a meal train account that will allow any of you to sign up for a night to bring us a meal, if you are wanting to help. My mom is going back to Georgia next week for a short time, so we are starting the sign up for next week, as it is also my treatment week. Mitch and Kate have a dairy sensitivity so while they can tolerate some cheese, milk, etc. a 5 cheese lasagna might not be the best option for us. I just want to say thank you in advance to all of you that are willing to help us out, whether it be providing a meal, being an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on. Thank you!

Hop aboard the Meal Train, choo choo!!!

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