Graduation Day

Hi internet! I promise I haven't forgotten you, I've been very busy since my last post over 2 months ago (seriously, how is it possible it has been that long!!). I've:

-completed all 12 rounds of Taxol and officially am DONE-ZO with CHEMO!!
-worked pretty much full time during chemo, including finishing almost 70 performance reviews
-got sick 3x since Thanksgiving with head cold/cough, courtesy of the cutest little germ buckets in Peoria aka Kate and Evelyn
This is what bedsharing looks like in our house, there is no SHARING.

-still managed to get Christmas cards out on time (It's a Christmas miracle!)

-started growing some hair back!

- Been to all my pre-op appointments in preparation for my upcoming surgery on Jan 23rd. All my doctors are happy with my progress through chemo and feel I am ready to take on this next step.

-Kicked off robot season with Mitch, this year they have to build a robot that shoots wiffle balls into a funnel (simple way to describe it) and carry gears to a peg in the middle of the field. At the end of the game, the robot has to climb a rope for extra points. The animation below will give you a much better description!

Describing my surgery will be another post entirely, as it is too much detail to put in this one (plus Evelyn is currently trying to close my computer as I type. These children of ours make finding time to blog nearly impossible!)

I am now off work until after the surgery, so I am hoping I will have more time to blog. I really do miss it and I know all of you miss reading and knowing what is going on with our little family. So hopefully there will be more posts to come!

In preparation for surgery, I am going to open the meal train back up for the few weeks after surgery when I will be reduced to a live human T-rex (I will have limited range of motion in my arms for a while) so the link is below if any of you readers are interested in making sure my kids and husband don't have to live on cereal.

Ok, gotta run, Kate just threw a baby crib at Evelyn's head...

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