Feelings and fake hair

 Hello friends! It is day 3 after my initial chemo and I'm still riding the Decadron train to energyville (Decadron is a steroid that I take for the first 4 days to help with side effects and produce energy. Alas I had to forfeit my Olympic dreams for doping, but I figure killing cancer is more important than becoming an Olympic athlete)

To catch up, my good friend Jen and I went to a local salon to look at wigs, since we are now on the countdown to total hair loss (it's looking like that will probably be next Friday). Unfortunately, the wigs at the salon were mostly brunette or gray, I couldn't get a great feeling for color so we special ordered two that are more my style. I also learned that real hair wigs are super pricey and harder to maintain (plus it did give me a bit of the willies wearing someone else's hair on my head, I didn't expect that). I also discovered that my insurance company does not cover the cost of a wig so this will be all out of pocket. I have recently connected with another young breast cancer survivor that also has United Healthcare. She wrote this powerful letter on her blog and in the end, United Healthcare covered her for 1 wig as an exception. So it looks like I may need to try to do the same....

Black isn't really my color

Or mullet 

Or Hillary Clinton

These are the two I ordered, the left wig in a more auburn color like the bottom picture and the right wig as shown in the picture. They should hopefully arrive sometime this week for me to try on and make a decision.

Yesterday was my Neulasta shot, which is a tiny shot into the fat of my belly that helps boost white blood cell counts during treatments. It also has severe bone pain as a side effect, so I am taking my zyrtec and zantac to hopefully combat that (not quite sure how/why it works but I'm going with it!) Since I needed a little pep in my step, I put on my "I'm a ray of sunshine" cardigan and walked confidently out the door.
Coffee, water, meds and blogging, my new normal
After going to my appt and running a few errands, mom and I watched "Mother's Day" and enjoyed a little downtime on the couch. Overall for day 2, I felt pretty normal1

This morning is day 3 and I'm still on quite a bit of meds. Since I still have a good amount of energy right now, Mom and I started sorting through the girls clothes to get ready to sell at consignment this fall. We need to get some of this baby stuff out of the house!!

Again, I feel pretty normal for day 3 (likely thanks to my meds) other than I have the worst case of dry mouth and all food/liquid tastes chalky and dry. Totally tolerable side effect compared to the others they warned us about but it is a bit annoying and is impacting my appetite. So I'm going for a pb&j and some chips for lunch, hoping it tastes half way decent!

Not much more to report right now, but I know a lot of you have been wondering how I have been feeling, so far so good! I am a bit terrified of what will happen on Friday when many of my meds stop but we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

Thank you for all the prayers, I truly believe they are working! Love to all of you!!


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